Rituals for the tides of womanhood

We Create Thoughtful Remedies to Rejuvenate Mind, Body & Soul

Flourish Rx’s mission is to craft & provide exceptional products that help women flourish from the inside out; To provide powerful, organic plant based products for core areas of women’s health.

We strive to create an authentic community of women working toward bettering themselves & their lives, not based on perfection but based on reality; A community where women can come as they are, interact, be educated & support each other on their wellness journeys.

Self-Care For Your Sensual Side Has Arrived

Witness the power of plant medicine with Goddess Glow’s exclusive combination of essential oils & organic Full Spectrum CBD.

Rejuvenate, increase blood flow, dryness & comfort. Self-Care for your sensual side has arrived!

Meet Our Founder, Candice.

A mother of 3, board certified health coach, holistic nutritionist, plant-focused chef and two time breast cancer survivor. I was first diagnosed at 33 after my third child queued me in while nursing that something wasn’t right. From that moment life has never been the same and in a strange way that makes me happy. I live a much fuller life than I ever imagined. After years of coaching women, corporate wellness & motivational talks, I learned how much women need support and a trusted knowledgeable girlfriend to help them navigate womanhood. My answer to that was starting Flourish Rx, a women’s wellness brand dedicated to empowering women through all stages of their life. Throughout my journey with cancer and early menopause, I started creating recipes for things beyond food, to help me heal and feel good. That’s how my products were born. Researching, mixing, creating; with a focus on natural and simple ingredients.

For A Healthy Glow Down Low

Stop intimate skin unpleasantries before they happen. Goddess Glow rejuvenates your most intimate area. It’s basically your vulva’s BFF!

Use daily to prevent dryness, increase bloodflow & sensation, combat ingrowns, shaving/waxing bumps & redness. Essentially hydrating, smoothing, brightening & soothing. Put the same effort & care as you do your face down low with Goddess Glow!