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Goddess Glow CBD Yoni Oil

Glow Down Low with our best-selling plant based intimate skin Yoni oil, rich in essential fatty acids and the power of CBD. Experience a luxe, non-greasy texture and light, naturally derived scent from clary sage and geranium oils, with bacteria fighting properties that you and your lady bits will love.


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Witness the power of plant medicine with Goddess Glow’s exclusive combination of essential oils and organic full spectrum CBD.

Rejuvenate, increase blood flow, dryness and comfort. Self-Care for your sensual side has arrived.

Flourish through the tides of womanhood with Goddess Glow!

4 reviews for

  1. Elizabeth

    I love Flourishrx ! This is such a great product to alleviate dryness . It’s very soothing and nourishing .

  2. L.D.

    I have been using GG since it first launched.
    It is rejuvenating. I am finally comfortable in my own skin.

  3. Amy

    Every woman diagnosed with breast cancer NEEDS Goddess Glow in their daily self-care routine! Each phase of treatment (chemo, surgeries, hormone therapy — you name it) Goddess Glow is your secret weapon to combat dryness and discomfort! Adding Candice’s handcrafted yoni oil to my bedtime routine has been a GAME CHANGER!

    • admin

      Amy, I am overjoyed that you love Goddess Glow so much and how much its helping you flourish! Makes my heart soar!

  4. Jenn

    I’ve been using Goddess Glow for a few months now and I love it. After breast cancer treatment I was faced with extreme menopause that quickly became very uncomfortable. I tried several products to help with dryness and was disappointed until I found Goddess Glow. It feels natural, not slippery, absorbs nicely and has made such a difference in my daily life. A big thank you to Candice for creating this amazing product!

    • admin

      So happy your Flourishing! Thank you for sharing your experience with other women! xoxo Candice

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