Together, We Flourish

"Flourish RX is a culmination of all my experiences in life and career. I'm truly thrilled to be able to offer you products I created in my own kitchen and truly believe in. I'm so grateful to have you all along for the ride!"

– Candice Witek, Founder

It all began in 2012 when I was 33 years old and had just had my third baby. Within 6 months of his birth I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and my world crumbled. I went from enjoying a newborn and 2 small children to a barrage of doctor’s appointments, the scariest moments I could have ever imagined, and the daunting idea that I might never see my children grow up. I realized then what a gift life is and at this time I vowed to make the world a better place when I reached the other side. Being in this extreme environment created a zen-like state for me, one that I remember clearly and wish to display in my work and products. Over the next 5 years I went through double mastectomy, 8 months of chemo, 3 reconstruction surgeries, recurrence to lymph node, 20 lymph nodes removed, 7 weeks of radiation, ovary removal surgery, hard core menopause, and unimaginable mental trauma – all while raising 3 small children.

During this journey I tried everything imaginable to help me heal and feel good. Since I’ve always been an avid cook, dreamer and designer, I started creating recipes for things beyond food – and that’s how my products were born. Researching, mixing, creating; with a focus on natural and simple ingredients. I often took inspiration for ingredients from my travels to Europe, Asia and within the US. In 2018 I started sharing my concoctions with clients and friends, and the reviews were amazing. One day, it all clicked when one of my best friends, who I used to work with at Estee Lauder developing branding and advertising for beauty products, came to visit me from New York. We sat down with all of my products that she loved and started writing the business plan. And that’s how Flourish RX was born.

"I created Goddess Glow Yoni Oil in response to the bodily changes I was experiencing as I was aging & going through cancer treatments."

I looked around for safe and clean options to help me but found none. That’s when I got to work initially to help just me! This Yoni Oil was created to help vaginal skin cope with yet again another stage of womanhood. Quickly over the course of 6 weeks, I had a major turnaround in feel and appearance. What I didn’t expect was what it did for my whole mental outlook on the aging process.

This is a nightly oil used for self-care and aids in the increase in blood flow, rejuvenation of the skin and increase in vitality. When I made Goddess Glow I thought about how we take such good care of our faces with various products but why do we not take care of our lady parts too? Let’s face it if you’ve had children or experienced any hormone changes at all it would be a good idea to focus attention to support and rebalance skin in the vaginal area. I know it can be a taboo subject to get out there and talk about, but really its just our bodies. We should be educated about the changes that occur as adult women all the way from our 20’s to 80’s and beyond.

I realized that I am a “Pro-Age” woman, not an “Anti-Age” kind of Gal. I believe with age we are wiser, more beautiful and more authentic. I am happy to be alive and healthy and I do not take for granted the present moment. I hope to spread awareness about taking care of our Feminine sides, embracing ourselves at any age or stage and being proud of the amazing women WE are.