Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Goddess Glow applied?

Goddess Glow is applied to the external genitalia, also known as the vulva. The Vulva is the exterior where all the nerves and lovely pleasure centers are located. Apply about 4-6 drops nightly to the entire vulva (including the Labia Majora, labia  Minora + Clitoris. Goddess Glow will gently support your lady parts + replenish imbalances + irritations as well as provide a nice boost to bloodflow + sensation.

I hear this is also good to use as a pre-intercourse primer. Can you to tell me more?

Yes, many women love to use Goddess Glow each evening as part of their self care ritual, as well as before a date night or an hour to 30 minutes prior to intercourse. This gives a lovely added boost to feel + sensation. You’re Welcome!

When is the best time to use?

This is dependent on individual woman but since we are headed to bed to rest + repair in the evenings, we like to recommend using this soothing oil as part of your nighttime routine.

Is there anywhere else i can use Goddess Glow?

Yes, women are using + loving Goddess Glow on their lower abdomen to sooth cramps from PMS.