Weight Management

What's the best way to manage weight for women?

Did you know that most studies on nutrition, exercise + weight are done on men? Yet our sensitive systems require a different approach. I have compiled my best practices for managing weight as a woman.


+ Aim for at least 12 hours/night, but up to 15-16 hours, 3-5 days/week, for faster fat burning results

+ This really helps women over 40 to shed fat + rejuvenate

+ A sample day would be fasting from 7pm until 11am or 12pm the next day

What Really Works as You Age?


+ Cut back on cardio

+ Strength train 3 days for 30 minutes

+ This will help build bones, reduce Fat + will slim you out overtime

+ This will also help your brain chemistry

+ Don’t overstress your body!

Stress Reduction is imperative for weight loss as we age + at all times. Our bodies simply do not function optimally in a state of stress. Cortisol kicks up + the primitive brain holds onto + adds fat to protect in order to reserve energy for fight or flight response.