“Make and Save” Mama’s Salad

make ahead salad

Here’s the recipe for a simple make ahead salad for busy mamas! If your like me at the time of writing I’m under social distancing protocol. All the kids are home “schooling” and I’m trying to carry on with Flourish Rx operations. It hasn’t been easy for me to adjust too, how are you doing?

Super Salads

I love salad! How about you? Delicious and an easy way to get in some detoxifying greens. So here’s a simple recipe. If you want to see exactly how I make it, login onto our Instagram @flourishrx for an IGTV video. Pardon the the crazy kids in the background we are abiding by social distancing protocol.


1 Bag of Italian Style Lettuces

1/2 box of Radish Micro-green Sprouts

1/4 cupped red onion

1 handful shredded Parmesan cheese

1/3 cup of pine nuts (toasted in pan)

Cherry Tomatoes


Grilled turkey or chicken (optional)


Add ingredients to a glass bowl with lid. Then top with a home made dressing. To watch a video of this preparation find us on Instagram @flourishrx IGTV

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